Why is IFTTT SEO V 2.0 a monthly subscription?

Question: Why is IFTTT SEO V 2.0 a monthly subscription?

Answer: The new price model enables us to provide a better support infrastructure with ongoing updates, dedicated webinars etc. This is something that would have been impossible to maintain with a small, one-time fee.

IFTTT SEO Academy set the bar very high – it’s true. But in all honesty, it was hugely under-priced. That was obviously advantageous to anyone who signed up. And let’s not forget that the techniques taught in that course still work perfectly well.

The reason behind this, historically, is that IFTTT SEO 1.0 was actually developed as an in-house training system. It is actually the training that the Semantic Mastery Team set up for their VA’s to build syndication networks. It wasn’t originally intended for external release.

So when the decision was made to make it available to everyone, and the price point set, it wasn’t a true reflection of the quality and scope of content in the course as well as the level of support required to maintain it.

With the benefit of hindsight, the new price is a more realistic one, albeit that previous customers may wish it were the same as before. :|>